Simplifying International B2B Payments

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Make a Payment

Faster international wire transfers with no b2b payment fees, fully integrated with your accounting and ERP systems.

  • Book a payment lock in real-time exchange rate
  • Lodge the funds to the TransferMate account in your country
  • We transfer the funds to your beneficiary

Request a Payment

Faster and easier integrated payments
for both the biller and payer

  • Request payment by sending an invoice to your customer
  • YOUR CUSTOMER LOCKS IN REAL-TIME EXCHANGE RATE and sends us funds in their own currency / country
  • WE TRANSFER FUNDS TO YOU in your local currency / country

Mass Upload

All your mass outgoing and incoming payments, centralised global collections, receivables and payables in an easy upload

  • UPLOAD FILE containing your beneficiaries' details
  • AUTHORIZE PAYMENTS with real-time Exchange Rate
  • We transfer the funds to your beneficiary

FX Toolkit

Lock in your exchange rates and manage your FX exposure
Spot contracts, Flexible Variable contracts, Exchange Rate Notifications and more...

  • Spot Contracts Book payments instantly at live market rates
  • Exchange Rate Notifications We'll notify you when the market goes in your favour so as you're always getting the best possible rate.
  • Flexible Variable Contracts Protect against currency market volatility by locking in a rate for a fixed term with no draw down fees.
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